Sending A Secure Document

Send Secure Documents from a Template

  1. After your template has been defined, from Add-Ons select Secure Documents in left sidebar and click Send from Template for the desired template.

  2. Upload a multiple page PDF file and enter the Total Number of Documents in the PDF. Our smart technology will split up each document by Student ID, even for documents of varying lengths.


    If the number of documents found does not match what you entered, you will receive a warning message. If you attempt to send it, you'll see a pop-up window, Incorrect Number of Documents. Click Don't Send and fix the documents. Or, if you're certain it is correct, type OK and click Send Anyway. 

  3. After the document is processed, you will see the number of documents that were created and identify any where student IDs were not found. Click View for student to see document that will be sent to them.

  4. Type the subject and body of the notification to send with documents. 

  5. Click Send. Or, schedule documents to be sent at a later date and time by clicking Schedule on drop-down next to Send. 
  6. View Delivery Report in Secure Docs, select Jobs tab, then click View Report to the right of a sent job.


    The Delivery Report shows delivery statistics. For those who did not receive the documents electronically, there is an easy option to send hard copies of the documents by mail. For more information about the Delivery Report, click here.