Help - My keyboard is typing the wrong thing!

A Chromebook sometimes says "INTL" on the bottom right, instead of "US". When you see this, it means the Chromebook Keyboard has been changed from the US Standard keyboard to the International keyboard. When this happens, some of the keys will not make the symbol you expect to appear (like the apostrophe).

Although this can be done intentionally, it usually happens by accident when Ctrl + Spacebar are pressed. 
To change the Chromebook keyboard back to US settings, press Ctrl + Spacebar again. This keyboard combination is used to switch back and forth between US and INTL keyboards. 

If Ctrl + Spacebar toggles to something other than US, then it is possible a different keyboard has been added and selected.
You will need to click on the bottom right of the Chromebook (for example, the time) to open up the settings. Then choose the Keyboard icon and select US keyboard from the list.