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Update for Windows version of For directions on printing PDFs and Microsoft documents from your PC click here.

Settings for printing are connected to our individual Google Account and PC/ Windows Account. You will need to sign in to both Apps. 

Your first step on your PC is to log into DirectPrint when prompted using your Google Sign in. Once you do this you will see all printers assigned to you on your PC/ Windows login. You can print Word Docs, Publisher, PDFs from your downloads, etc.

Don't see a popup for  Navigate to the bottom left of your Windows screen and type in the search, "" and click on the "Best Match -" The app will open and you will sign in with Google.

Note: If you can't see any printers or it doesn't say you are connected with Google, click the Sign In with Google button again. Select your name, and continue. Refresh the printer list. 

Full directions for PC and chromebook are located here: from