Moving Out Families from schoolTool

If a child along with their family have moved out of the district, you need to enter this information into schoolTool.  

First, search for the student

Second, identify which contact is listed as "primary."  This is the person you will perform the 'move out' action to.  It will remove the child at the same time.

Once the primary contact has been identified, click the 'blue wedge' to edit that person.  On the primary contacts information screen, click the addresses tab.

Then, click the 'move out' icon which is indicated by the two pieces of paper connected by a green diagonal arrow.

Click that they have moved to "an unknown address" and "remove phone number from current address."

NOTE:  CHECK ALL PEOPLE TO MOVE OUT OF RESIDENCE ADDRESS unless you have a reason to leave the person entered.  This will help prevent issues with families getting 'robocalls' from School Messenger even though they aren't residents in the district any longer.