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Student's Screen Says "Student Offline"

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Status: "Student is Offline"

This status indicates that the student's Google account is not currently connected to any GoGuardian services. 

Possible Cause 1

The student's Google account is missing GoGuardian's extensions, GoGuardian and GoGuardian License.

You can check for the extensions on the student's device by entering chrome://extensions into their address bar. If your whole class is offline, it's likely that the extensions were not deployed successfully. 

Solution 1

If one or both extensions are missing from the extensions list, something may have gone wrong with your GoGuardian installation. Contact your administrator to check your installation settings. See this article for more information - Deploying GoGuardian Teacher.

Be sure that you are using an up-to-date version of Chrome browser as well. Any version below 60 may not successfully download one of the two GoGuardian extensions.

Possible Cause 2

If both GoGuardian and GoGuardian License are installed, but the student shows up as "offline," an unknown hardware or extension error may have caused the device to disconnect or the student has an outdated version of GoGuardian extension. 

Solution 2

To clear out errors and update GoGuardian extension, remove the student's user profile by following these steps: 

  • Sign the student out of the Chromebook
  • On the sign-in screen, click the profile that you want to remove
  • Click the Down Arrow to the right of the student's name
  • Click Remove This Person
  • In the box that appears, click Remove
  • Once removed, click Add Person in the bottom left corner
  • Sign the student into the Chromebook
  • The student should automatically reconnect to your session

Possible Cause 3

Some students may have joined your class or signed into their Chromebooks a little late, or after your class session has already launched.

Solution 3

Try manually ending and then re-starting your classroom session if you are seeing several (but not all) students offline. All student browsing data will still be saved from those first few minutes of class. 

A few teachers have found that having students visit chrome://restart launches them into the class as well.

Also, consider scheduling your class session to end class around 3-5 minutes before the very end of the period. This will prevent the problem of students getting "stuck" in your class when they enter other teachers' sessions. 

Possible Cause 4

The student is signed into a personal account or another student's account. 

Solution 4

Verify that your student is signed into their school-provided account by typing chrome://settings into their address bar. The signed-in user will be displayed under "People." 

Possible Cause 5

The student is using a Mac or PC (non-Chromebook) and is not currently signed into the Chrome browser.  

Solution 5

Make sure the student is signing into the Chrome browser as a user (not just Google services within the browser). 

Possible Cause 6

If all of your students are showing offline and they have the extensions installed, IP restrictions may not be configured to include your network. 

Solution 6

A school administrator with a GoGuardian Superuser account should navigate to Teacher Product Settings in GoGuardian Admin.

Ensure that the IP range listed includes the network that your students are connecting from. 

Possible Cause 7

If your campus or district operates an additional content filter (other than GoGuardian) or a firewall, that filter or firewall may be blocking connections to GoGuardian's back-end services. This would prevent students from connecting to class sessions.

Solution 7

GoGuardian products require open connections to a number of back-end services. Firewalls and other content filters may unintentionally flag and block connections to these services due to the elevated number of active connections or HTTP requests.

If you are experiencing large-scale connection issues, check your firewall or any additional content filters for blocked connection attempts to the services listed below. If connections are being blocked, please add the corresponding URL to the firewall or filter's whitelist.  

GoGuardian products connect to the following services. Have your IT or Tech Administrator confirm that the following ports are allowed in all filtering services in your school/district:

Ports 80 and 443

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