Google Meet App

Join a Meeting from Your iPad - Use the Google Meet app

We are excited to keep students, teachers, and families connected using Google Meet. Please follow our step-by-step directions to get you connected.

1. Locate the Google Meet app. You will find the app located in a folder called Miscellaneous Apps

2. Click to open.

3. Click Sign in 

4. Sign in with their Google Account. All Pal-Mac students have an account. It’s the year they graduate, plus first name, plus last initial, then our email address domain which is  The password for kids is the year they graduate followed by their student ID.  

For example, Sally Student graduates in 2031… and has a student ID of 12345.

Her username would be:

And her password is 203112345 - year of graduation plus student ID.

Now - what if you don’t know your child’s ID?  No problem! Your teacher has a list of every single ID for all of their students.  Send them a quick email and we can get that to you asap. I know this seems hard but trust me… all of our kids can do it and it is a great time for them to learn now.

5. Click on Join a Meeting or Meeting Code. Enter the 10 digit code or nickname from the classroom teacher. 

Finally, be sure to remind your child how to mute themselves, and turn the camera on and off. 

If you have any issues please email