Getting Back into Seesaw if you have been Logged Out

Pal-Mac Home Learning with Seesaw



In order to make sure things were all ready for your child to use Seesaw at home - we had to make a few quick changes - which may have logged kids out of the app.  Not to worry - getting back in is a piece of 🍰. Your kids might already know how to use Clever, but just in case - here is all you need:

  1.  Find the CLEVER App on your Child’s iPad
  2.  Students use their Pal-Mac username and password to login (which they might not know - even us adults can’t keep all our accounts straight!).  Good news… it is easy and a great time to practice! It’s the year they graduate, plus first name, plus last initial, then our email address domain which is  And the password for kids is the year they graduate followed by their student ID.  

For example, Sally Student graduates in 2031… and has a student ID of 12345.

Her username would be:

And her password is 203112345 - year of graduation plus student ID.

Now - what if you don’t know your child’s ID?  No problem! Your teacher has a list of every single ID for all of their students.  Send them a quick email and we can get that to you asap. I know this seems hard but trust me… all of our kids can do it and it is a great time for them to learn now.

Follow these steps or watch a video at

For using Seesaw on other devices, like your phone or your iPad, your personal computer or desktop, or now even an Android Device or Kindle Fire… 

STEP 1: Download or update the Seesaw Class app on your device (link here) or just visit the website on any browser at to get started.  
STEP 2: Click ‘I’m a Student’ to log in with your email and password or  Home Learning Code.NOTE: Your teacher may have sent your Home Learning Code on a handout like this or in an email or text message.  
STEP 3: Select: Seesaw for Schools Clever Sign - in
You will Log in to Clever and Search for your school Palmyra-Macedon Primary School and Log in with Google. 
Username: i.e.

Password: Year of graduation + Student id/lunch number

STEP 4: Once logged in, you will be in your student journal where you can create posts, complete activities, and see Announcements from your teacher.
STEP 5: To see activities from your teacher, tap the Activities tab (on the right side under class name). 
STEP 6: Click ‘Add Response’ to respond.
    STEP 7: Always press the green check to save work to your journal.
STEP 8: To see Announcements from your teacher, tap the inbox tab (on the right side under class name) 

Clever:  You can access iXL, MyON, Rivet, and K-2 Library Land (password: look) through Clever.Go to the District website ->STUDENTS tab -> Clever Loginor Your child will use their username and password year of graduation and student ID to login.

Tech Support: Send an Email to

PMP Best Practices for Online Learning 

Create a routine for learning including a consistent space. 

Morning:  Eat breakfast, 🧇 and get dressed. Rememberno food or liquids by your device.   
Next, check and Seesaw for your link to the pledge, morning meeting, mindfulness, and Red Raider Reading. 
Your activities: Take a break when needed. You should only be on your device for 20-30  minutes at a time.
Night Routine: At bedtime 
🔌Be sure to ask an adult to help you plug your device into an outlet in a safe place.  

Seesaw and Your Personal Computer or Device

Seesaw works great on any computer or device, not just the iPad we assign to your child. For the best experience, bookmark on your computer. Then download the right version of the Seesaw app for your device and your students' devices. 


Look for Seesaw: The Learning Journal in the app stores.    Click below to download the right app for your devices: 

Or just use Google Chrome on your computer!