Purchasing iPad Apps for a Pal-Mac Owned Device

How do I purchase an app for my district-owned iPad?

  1. Complete a requisition form as you would for any other purchase via building or district funds
  2. On the requisition it needs to say the following (very important):
    1. To be purchased via the Palmyra-Macedon CSD Volume Purchase Program (VPP), e-mail:   applepalmac@palmaccsd.org
    2. For Vendor, please use the following: Apple Inc., 5505 W. Parmer Lane, Building 4, MS 578-ROA, Austin, Texas 78727
    3. Email: institutionorders@apple.com, Fax: 1-800-590-0325
    4. Please provide the exact link to the app you wish to purchase from the iPad App Store (this link (https://theappstore.org/) will help you browse the app store from your PC or Chromebook)
  3. Submit for approval via the normal channels you would obtain permission to order a product or service for use in your classroom setting. Use this form to follow the steps
  4. Once approved, and, a purchase order is generated, it needs to be sent to Apple, preferably by e-mail, using the contact information provided above.  PLEASE CC: Wendy Curry (wendy.curry@palmaccsd.org) so we know to expect the funds to be added to our Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account.
  5. When we have confirmation that the funds have been added, we will contact you to determine what device the application needs to be installed on, and can do so remotely.