Go Guardian - Students in Wrong OU

In order to fix this issue, the OU sync needs to be redone.  Usually when ORG changes are done in Google Admin Console, we should REALLY go in to Go Guardian and do a resync.

From my chat with Edward at GG:

(01:31:10 PM) Edward: Do you mind going to this following link and clicking the blue Import OUs button and ensuring all the OUs that you want synced are checked?
(01:31:11 PM) Edward: https://goguardian.com/account/settings/OU
(01:33:24 PM) Chip Dolce: done
(01:34:19 PM) Edward: Great!
(01:35:53 PM) Edward: I refreshed the page (would also recommend you doing so as well) and I see more are showing in the correct OU now